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new motor installation services

Silent operation of the garage door is a necessity these days. After all, nobody likes the irritating noise the garage door makes while opening or closing. If you want your garage door to open and close without making any sound then you should trust the team of Port Jefferson garage door repair, NY. We will make sure that we make the garage door operation noise free by installing a new and technologically advanced motor. We will also help you buy this motor from the market or we can do it for you and install it to save your time.

Once you contact us, just give us the details of what sort of motor you need and its essential elements like it should be noise free, come with a remote, etc. If you don’t know which sort of motor you require then we can pay you a visit and judge it ourselves. We can also help you to deal with other petty issues regarding the garage door like broken spring as we would want your garage door to function perfectly at all times so that you don’t need to call us again for many months to come. Call us now and let us make your garage door silent today.