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broken spring repair

Do you know that there are two minor but important springs that keep your garage door in a functional condition? Do you also know that they need to be constantly monitored because if one or both of them get broken or damaged, the risk of the door falling on someone gets higher? The springs are named torsion and extension springs and the team of Garage Door Repair Port Jefferson can repair or replace them for you whenever you need. We can also pay you a visit every few months to check that the springs are working fine so that you don’t have to bother doing the same and save the time.

Apart from fixing the sprigs, we also offer new door installation service in case the door is at fault while the springs are not. We can even arrange to have a new door delivered to you within a few days time no matter what shape or size you require. We can also help you get access to an automated door by handing details like new motor installation. All these services are provided at a very reasonable cost and you can know more about them by contacting our team today.